Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fishing again.....

Nate and I got up at o' dark thirty this morning to go hit the fish again with a friend of ours....Rock Creek was the destination once again, except this time we were about 15 miles downstream where the water is higher and the fish are bigger=) We started fishing about 7:15( when the water is reeaaaallllllllyyyyyyyy cold!) and finished up by 11:00( the fish were done feeding for the morning)........The fishing was great and fun was had by all...... See ya, Isaac

-Me still waking up
-Nate pulling a nice one in

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fishing time!!!

This past Wednesday I was able to go fishing with Nathan and a friend of his on the west fork of Rock Creek. It is one of the premier fishing streams in the state and totally beautiful as well.We fished for most of the day and then took a drive even further into the hills to see Skahalko Falls and take some pictures there. Then it was off to grab some fried chicken...and hit the sack. All in all a great day.

- Me fishing( as if you could not see that for yourself). I caught 3 fish out of this small hole that was not more than 3 feet deep.
- Nate and Paul discussing which flies to tie on next.
- Nate and I at Skalkaho Falls.

Take care.....Isaac

Climbing Deer Lodge Mountain

Hello to everyone......after a long absence I have returned to post again. Since the last time you heard from me there have been fishing trips, tubing trips on the Blackfoot River(which by the way is quite chilly.....and fun..;), roof work, ultimate frisbee, and more fishing trips. Oh, and climbing Deer Lodge Mountain on Monday...(which is 9,765 feet tall) with a friend. It took one very long day to climb the mountain. Start time was 6:45, summit time was 1:00, and back to the Jeep crash time was 5:32(soak our feet in the ice cold creek time was 5:43 :). Round trip was close to 10 miles with 4,165 feet of elevation gain and loss! Talk about an awesome workout...we had a great time....Anyways, ya'll take care....Isaac

Pics- Top to Bottom
- Kate and myself sitting on top of the summit.
- The halfway point. Deer Lodge Mtn. is the one in the middle.
- The view from the top of Mt. Powell and The Crater. That is the next goal.

See ya.....